Monday, February 25, 2008

Imagination hasn't Gone-Dry

I took down this post cause this movie was a crushing dissapointment. A script that came across as one big improvised jack black ham up really took away any affection i had for their 'sweded films' and their musty old video store.

And what was the relationship between Mos and Glover? Not his biological father, but he raised him and told him jazz lies as bed time stories?

Sunday, February 24, 2008



1. grossly or obscenely abusive: a scurrilous attack on the mayor.
2. characterized by or using low buffoonery; coarsely jocular or derisive: a scurrilous jest.

Paper Plans

I catch myself drooling, once again, over a recent DFA production.

Though the noises of bang bang bang cash machine open/close are gone, they have been replaced with the sound of a small creature teleporting you into a land of starburst roads, candy cane justice, Mars bar houses, and chornic diabetes.

Who needs a 'cha ching' sample when you have a piano solo like that?

not me, not ever.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hey. Take a listen to this. Im getting some 'fine young cannibal' vibes.

This is just great sounding pop music

MGMT- Electric Feel

Enjoy it now before its TELUS commercialized into overplayed oblivion.

Now play the interactive music video game, and let me know what its like. I couldn't get it to work.