Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hey, so when the holidays are past, and all the festive fatigue has subsided, Stockholms favorite partee machine AXEL BOMAN will coming through the EVENING STANDARD on January 14th

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Todd Terje @ Evening Standard

Todd Terje passed by the Evening Standard in July.....here's what it sounded like....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Eddie C is the secretly canadian wonder that has placed dancefloors around the globe under his mountain spell. With releases on jisco, endless flight, and flashback consistently creating shock, awe, and sexual tension we are proud to be bringing him back for his second visit to the Evening Standard.

see you on the dance floor this friday
paul & adam

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Roar & Purrrr on sept. 23rd

Tiger & Woods will make their North American debut at the Evening Standard on september 23rd.

Kiss me tell me more!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summers Final Flex - August 27th

Summers final flex with england's favorite music muscle....
Bicep of Feel my Bicep pass by for an Evening Standard

Will you feel my bicep?

Will you slip into a latex thong, deepen your tan, and grease your sculpted tri's 'n' bi's?
Will you laugh when shown a picture of a shirtless James Franco - will you tear it up, swallow it, flex your brilliant arms, and say 'lets party'.....?

Matt and Andy Bicep first squeezed our attention years ago, well probably just three years ago, but in internet years, that may as well have been a decade- SO a decade ago, we came across a music blog called feel my bicep. There was nothing trendy about it, some of the music was new, much of it was old, and some of it didnt even exist within the conventional concepts of time and space, but rather in an area reserved only for nerdiest of all music nerds.


Matt and Andy have moved onto sculpting dance music, with years spent sharing fantastic music informing their brilliant productions. Their single 'Darwin' on the Rapture's Throne Of Blood label, is equal parts 'actual music' and 'party jam'. A track that sounds equally at home in a 90's warehouse as it would in a dim sum speakeasy in a Blade Runner future. A second EP proved them to be much more than a one trick show pony, and a recent 4 track ep of 80's disco edits exemplified their love for sleaze, and simply having a really great fucking time.

So the 30% of you that actual read these write ups should by now realize that this will indeed be a night for love dancing and giving summer one last epic go at it.



with Evening Standard residents

M E M B E R S _ O N L Y

Friday, June 24, 2011

Feel The Hand Of Todd - July 16th

Feel the hand of Todd

Touch the Stache of Wade

Hold on to your Tango Terje

This is a long time coming for us, watching, waiting, youtubing, googling for glimpses and sounds of the myth that is the Norseman Terje.

Years ago, via soulseek or some other relic of the internet that isn't worth remembering, we first stumbled across his comme de moodymann edit of CHIC's 'I want your love'. Using Yahoo? or maybe it was Ask Jeeves? we dug up all we could on the Terje, he had remixed another bearded Norwegian 'Lindstrom' and had the aptly named and incredibly catchy 'Italian Stallion' coming out on Full Pupp.

Years went by, leaking brilliant live DJ mixes from castles in scottland and over 100 edits of songs from every genre yet known to exist, and his norse mythos continued to grow. His reputation established him as one of the most respected and fun loving DJ's traveling the globe.

We even received a text from a family member in Australia last year that simply read 'Life haz bean altered 4 evar moore' (sorry- no translation, i can't read australian) after attending a tango terje helmed party.

It all culminated in this years incredibly original 'Snooze 4 Love' EP for Running Back, which finally ushered in the chance for him to tour North America properly.

No press release could really sum up the wild taste and variety he brings to his DJ sets.

Suffice to say- On July 16th- He will Play, You will Dance, We will Party


Friday, June 10, 2011


"There are no dire wolves south of the wall" - Eddard Stark

It was a pact formed in blood that the Evening Standard would eventually host a live show. WOOLFY's croon over heard drifting from the earphones of a babe across the aisle on the night bus had haunted us for years.
His name had been found scrawled on a crumpled page under the heading IDEAL BOOKING sometime during the witching hour between day and night and not sure.


...We then heard whispers, oft spoke in hushed tones from DJ's that travelled from far away places. Tales were told of WOOLFY, not just being a maestro of intergalactic sex music, but also being a DJ of the highest order. Stories were told to us of disco drum loops, re-imagined house cuts and coconut bras everywhere. Words like 'initimidating' - 'impossible to follow up' - 'murder' - and 'nipple slip effect' were all used to describe simon WOOLFY james' DJ'ng abilities.

Thinking that this would all be very appropriate for an EVENING STANDARD, we opted to bring in the english born, LA based WOOLFY to DJ and have him tear apart any last feelings of winters bite and give everyone's legs a reason to feel alive again.

If your not familiar with his own tunes. Its well worth taking the time to do so. His work with Projections lead to an incredible LP on Permanent Vacation. Highlighted with simmering beautiful tracks like 'Carry On' and 'Neeve'.
Singles on RONG like 'odyssey' gave us all a timeless piece of summer engraved in a black 12" vinyl.
A full LP on DFA carried his haunting vocals across the love jam rythms of "Looking Glass' and " Two Far Gone". Let your ears drink it up.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Space Dimension Controller in Toronto

Despite a shady origin story involving future times, lost space pods, and love sectors- one thing is clear: SDC knows how to compose electronic music that's far more dimensional than anything experienced this side of the Gamma Sector.

Records on Clone Royal Oak and the legendary R&S are future love and get down' frequencies pressed onto mortal polycarbon platters suitable for use on human controlled turntables. These records have made an immediate impact on modern day media and dance floors. As dancers and music geeks alike form beneath the BBD Alignment.

While an endless galaxy worth of space puns and trans-dimensional alliteration could be used to describe SDC's sound. Its simpler to just say that its beautifully composed forward thinking music that's suitable for equal parts and dancing and loving.

Monday, May 2, 2011

SAN SODA on MAY 13th!

Last year, or perhaps the year before last, we started hearing an incredibly catchy track, it sounded future and classic all at once, like a forgotten acetate discovered in a motor city garage sale being played for the first time 20 years after its creation.
Eventually some time spent with DJ google led us to the tracks name, the fellow behind it, and the realization that this wasn't made in a dusty detroit basement, but rather a tidy apartment in Ghent.

The track was "Let's Go" by FCL which is comprised of SAN SODA and 'We Play House' label boss RED D.
After buying the record, we realized that yet another song we'd been hearing everywhere with similar body commanding effects- 'More Than Seven (dub)' was also the work of FCL. The tracks were charted everywhere, making multiple 'top of the year lists' and getting plays from fella's like Motor City Drum Ensemble and Gerd Janson.
Thats all it took to convince us to drink the "We Play House" Kool Aid and become permanent fans of the label and San Soda's music.

The Belgium label 'We Play House' began with the release of San Soda's first EP after Red D and San Soda met through playing on the same football team (soccer, ahem).
Multiple EP's later and a full album, San Soda has continuously impressed with an innate ability to compose beautiful melodies in varying styles and tempos. Whether its the instant party of 'Birdies that Fly', the nostalgic sounding 'Middelmatig in 1993 ' or the cinematic feel of 'Juno Love', its clear this is the musical output of some one whose grown up on a steady diet of euqal parts tasty house, disco, techno, hip hop and pop.

We are very very pleased to be able to bring him to Toronto for a DJ set. His mixes online are a very worth while listen. While a quick youtube search reveals him playing everything from Armando to Midas Touch to Hall and Oates (count it!!!)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last march we convinced the good people at the Drake that they should let us do a party in their little basement with the tidy sound system.
We couldn't promise much- we'd come and play music for people to dance to, and hopefully people would come and enjoy themselves.
We booked one of our favorite DJ's, Eli Escobar, because no one really knew who we were.
And despite Adam being held financially hostage by South Korean Fashionis...tas in LA and missing the gig, people still came, and danced, and enjoyed themselves enough that we got to do it again.
The next party was with Soul Clap. They drove themselves here and played one of the greatest sets we'd ever heard. We had a great night, they played some song about having 'one too many drinks' and everyone lost about 5lbs from all the dancing.

Anyhow, as it goes, we've been lucky enough to have had a wonderful slew of guests that have constantly redefined our definitions of 'having a great time'.
To all are friends have been coming from the start, thank for liking music and dancing as much as you like booze.
To everyone we've met along the way, thank you for your support, and telling your friends to come with you. WE HAVEN"T HAD A SINGLE REQUEST FOR TOP 40 in 2011 and we thank you for that!
Great tunes and great guest DJ's would be nothing would out great people being there to party with.

so, for our anniversary, we thought it only made sense to reach out to some local friends who have given us a tonne of support from the start.

James Teej and Aaron Santos aka THE KINGS ARMS will be joining us for this fam jam. While Teej has toured the world and released an LP on Rekids, he's started this new project with Aaron and the results have been brilliant They've already signed a track to Wolf +Lambs black label, and put together a brilliant mix for the notorious Louche podcast series.
let your ears eat it up:

thank you to everyone for all the support!

Balloons will cavalcade from the ceiling!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We'll be returning to our old home of montreal this weekend to make dance with old friends and perhaps show enough people a good time to make some new ones.

On thursday Paul will appear members-(L)onely alongside the night trackin' fellas at their Blizzarts weekly 'The Ballers Social Club' . A smooth fam jam of sorts, dripping in nostalgia as this is the tiny spot we first played together at.

On Saturday we make a return to Velvet to play with the ever rad Shaydakiss at her LUXE monthly. Last summer when we played velvet it turned out to be one of our best gigs of the year. The dancefloor/dungeon stopped moving after the security made us turn off q-lazzarus' 'goodbye horses' as we burned well past last call. We hope to make it all the way to the end of 'goodbye horses' and then some, this time around.

see you there.....


Friday, February 25, 2011


Jamie Jones is like an egyptian mirror system reflecting a booty moving beam of disco base lines and RnB screams down the dark and winding hallway of modern underground dance music.
He makes music that sounds all at once classically retro and futuristic-ally dark and sleazy, while infusing it all with a tasteful sense of 'good times'.

He is making seriously great music, while avoiding taking himself too seriously. Its an impre...ssive feat we're all too glad to receive the results of. Whether its his timeless hit 'Summertime' , his Curb Your Enthusiasm sampling in 'Ruckus', or the clothing removal effects of 'Nasty's Party' -its music that satisfies the three head nodding nerds in the corner, and the room full of people dancing closer with one another- all at once.

Partnered with Lee Foss, the two make music as 'Hot Natured' and run the 'Hot Creations' imprint, which has been a breath of coconut scented rnb/disco/house fresh air vibes perma pressed into 12" that crossover extremely well.

The Hot Natured parties in such locales as miami and detroit have provided some of the best pixelated and distorted youtube party videos out there.

SO Its only appropriate that we have him paired up with a 4am license.


Thursday, January 20, 2011