Monday, May 2, 2011

SAN SODA on MAY 13th!

Last year, or perhaps the year before last, we started hearing an incredibly catchy track, it sounded future and classic all at once, like a forgotten acetate discovered in a motor city garage sale being played for the first time 20 years after its creation.
Eventually some time spent with DJ google led us to the tracks name, the fellow behind it, and the realization that this wasn't made in a dusty detroit basement, but rather a tidy apartment in Ghent.

The track was "Let's Go" by FCL which is comprised of SAN SODA and 'We Play House' label boss RED D.
After buying the record, we realized that yet another song we'd been hearing everywhere with similar body commanding effects- 'More Than Seven (dub)' was also the work of FCL. The tracks were charted everywhere, making multiple 'top of the year lists' and getting plays from fella's like Motor City Drum Ensemble and Gerd Janson.
Thats all it took to convince us to drink the "We Play House" Kool Aid and become permanent fans of the label and San Soda's music.

The Belgium label 'We Play House' began with the release of San Soda's first EP after Red D and San Soda met through playing on the same football team (soccer, ahem).
Multiple EP's later and a full album, San Soda has continuously impressed with an innate ability to compose beautiful melodies in varying styles and tempos. Whether its the instant party of 'Birdies that Fly', the nostalgic sounding 'Middelmatig in 1993 ' or the cinematic feel of 'Juno Love', its clear this is the musical output of some one whose grown up on a steady diet of euqal parts tasty house, disco, techno, hip hop and pop.

We are very very pleased to be able to bring him to Toronto for a DJ set. His mixes online are a very worth while listen. While a quick youtube search reveals him playing everything from Armando to Midas Touch to Hall and Oates (count it!!!)


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