Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Roar & Purrrr on sept. 23rd

Tiger & Woods will make their North American debut at the Evening Standard on september 23rd.

Kiss me tell me more!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summers Final Flex - August 27th

Summers final flex with england's favorite music muscle....
Bicep of Feel my Bicep pass by for an Evening Standard

Will you feel my bicep?

Will you slip into a latex thong, deepen your tan, and grease your sculpted tri's 'n' bi's?
Will you laugh when shown a picture of a shirtless James Franco - will you tear it up, swallow it, flex your brilliant arms, and say 'lets party'.....?

Matt and Andy Bicep first squeezed our attention years ago, well probably just three years ago, but in internet years, that may as well have been a decade- SO a decade ago, we came across a music blog called feel my bicep. There was nothing trendy about it, some of the music was new, much of it was old, and some of it didnt even exist within the conventional concepts of time and space, but rather in an area reserved only for nerdiest of all music nerds.


Matt and Andy have moved onto sculpting dance music, with years spent sharing fantastic music informing their brilliant productions. Their single 'Darwin' on the Rapture's Throne Of Blood label, is equal parts 'actual music' and 'party jam'. A track that sounds equally at home in a 90's warehouse as it would in a dim sum speakeasy in a Blade Runner future. A second EP proved them to be much more than a one trick show pony, and a recent 4 track ep of 80's disco edits exemplified their love for sleaze, and simply having a really great fucking time.

So the 30% of you that actual read these write ups should by now realize that this will indeed be a night for love dancing and giving summer one last epic go at it.



with Evening Standard residents

M E M B E R S _ O N L Y