Friday, February 25, 2011


Jamie Jones is like an egyptian mirror system reflecting a booty moving beam of disco base lines and RnB screams down the dark and winding hallway of modern underground dance music.
He makes music that sounds all at once classically retro and futuristic-ally dark and sleazy, while infusing it all with a tasteful sense of 'good times'.

He is making seriously great music, while avoiding taking himself too seriously. Its an impre...ssive feat we're all too glad to receive the results of. Whether its his timeless hit 'Summertime' , his Curb Your Enthusiasm sampling in 'Ruckus', or the clothing removal effects of 'Nasty's Party' -its music that satisfies the three head nodding nerds in the corner, and the room full of people dancing closer with one another- all at once.

Partnered with Lee Foss, the two make music as 'Hot Natured' and run the 'Hot Creations' imprint, which has been a breath of coconut scented rnb/disco/house fresh air vibes perma pressed into 12" that crossover extremely well.

The Hot Natured parties in such locales as miami and detroit have provided some of the best pixelated and distorted youtube party videos out there.

SO Its only appropriate that we have him paired up with a 4am license.