Thursday, October 4, 2012


Denied by a hurricane last summer, BELFASTS favorite work out/hamburger hunters finally arrive.!
Its a thursday night so we get that basement all to ourselves...boy.
Joining residents MeMbersonly will also be birthday Manc Simon Allen for a real nice warm up

girl: what?
guy: feel it?
girl: your arm?
guy: yeh, my bicep
girl: feel your bicep?
guy: feel my bicep.
girl: ugh! i love those guys!
guy: my biceps?
girl: SHUT IT, my favorite boys from belfast are coming for the workout of my lifetime on October 4th. I gotta go get ready.
guy: weeks away...
girl: yeah i know, ding dong. Im aleady short on time. Seeya.

*girl exits mediocre party scene, cut to montage of girl flexing, stretching, shots of biceps, shots of waterfalls, shots of three incredibly talented dancers throwing shapes in urban settings, shot of lipstick being placed on lips, shots of disco balls, shots of large watermelon exploding, shot of sleeves being ripped off man t. We hear vocal refrain 'gonna get ya boy'.

we think: PARTY>