Thursday, December 30, 2010

Evening Standards

Its been a great year, we've been so fortunate to receive such wonderful support since the launch of our monthly 'Evening Standard' party back in March. From our friends old and new and the Drake Hotel.

While we took off december, we will back at it on January 15th with a very oh so special guest we will announce after the fall out from new years promo over load dies down.

There were many tracks we loved this year, and we could try and list as many as possible, (actually we just tried to do that and decided otherwise). But we realized goods songs are nothing without having great people there to enjoy them. You'll hear our favourite stuff in an upcoming mix, and on any night we play.
Many thanks to everyone who came out to support us and our guests this year!
Thanks to our guests, you consistently re defined our pre-conceived notions of a good time.
We're lucky to have people around us that care as much about the music as they do about getting fucked up.
Seeing all our friends at once makes the difference.
Happy New Year
Paul and Adam.