Friday, March 2, 2012

Muscle and Heat

Two years ago we stumbled upon the hairiest, tittiest, sweat closet of a party one fateful Halloween night.
In the no regrets depths of the little pawn shop of horrors known as UNIT, the Muscle and Heat Crew were torching the entire crowds pre-conceived notions of a 'goo...d time' and slamming their new laws of fun in every possible orifice. Hammering dance commanding anthems that were indeed as much a law as they were a crime.

A few days later, when our brains got back in touch with our souls, we realized what a real neat time Muscle and Heat was, and quickly came on nice and strong so as to cement a friendship based as much upon love as it was upon fear.

Thankfully, these local Beardos felt the same way, so we're absolutely thrilled that they have agreed to come and confetti canon their souls all over the Evening Standard.

buttttt grabs and mind melds are guaranteed