Friday, June 10, 2011


"There are no dire wolves south of the wall" - Eddard Stark

It was a pact formed in blood that the Evening Standard would eventually host a live show. WOOLFY's croon over heard drifting from the earphones of a babe across the aisle on the night bus had haunted us for years.
His name had been found scrawled on a crumpled page under the heading IDEAL BOOKING sometime during the witching hour between day and night and not sure.


...We then heard whispers, oft spoke in hushed tones from DJ's that travelled from far away places. Tales were told of WOOLFY, not just being a maestro of intergalactic sex music, but also being a DJ of the highest order. Stories were told to us of disco drum loops, re-imagined house cuts and coconut bras everywhere. Words like 'initimidating' - 'impossible to follow up' - 'murder' - and 'nipple slip effect' were all used to describe simon WOOLFY james' DJ'ng abilities.

Thinking that this would all be very appropriate for an EVENING STANDARD, we opted to bring in the english born, LA based WOOLFY to DJ and have him tear apart any last feelings of winters bite and give everyone's legs a reason to feel alive again.

If your not familiar with his own tunes. Its well worth taking the time to do so. His work with Projections lead to an incredible LP on Permanent Vacation. Highlighted with simmering beautiful tracks like 'Carry On' and 'Neeve'.
Singles on RONG like 'odyssey' gave us all a timeless piece of summer engraved in a black 12" vinyl.
A full LP on DFA carried his haunting vocals across the love jam rythms of "Looking Glass' and " Two Far Gone". Let your ears drink it up.

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