Tuesday, January 29, 2008

reMembers Only

Its been far too long since anything has happened here, and probably even longer since anyone has even had a visit.

Privateyes - our monday at Blizzarts, is done, as the commute from toronto/ottawa is just a little too far for an evening of pints and george benson.
Thank you to everyone who ever attended: Ben, Dan, Nick and Mike

As mentioned before we are now living in different cities, but will soon be unified in toronto. We just cant quit each other, nor montreal, as we've been back numerous times already to play at Tokyo, Coda, and Saphir....if you were there, thankyous, it was good times.

So for the time being, I (paul) have alot of time on my hands and thought i'd get off other peoples blogs and start doing something about our own. I'll be posting songs, links to articles, mixes and assorted mundane photographs to fill out this blog and give myself some sense of purpose before my job starts.

Mind Pirates check back here soon.

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