Saturday, October 24, 2009

Coming Soon- Downtempos Before Distempers

Our mix for Old Gold Boutique,
Their (brilliant) pod cast series is focused more on the headphone downtime listening type of stuff we all love, but rarely get to play out.

We put ours together with air travel, coconuts, sunset tides, outer space, ancient guitar riffs and nostalgic summer hangs all in mind,

The release date has been pushed back to the end of november, rightly timing it for winter vacations, or survival situations like the heat memory transference scene in 'The Giver', and likely, summer nostalgia.

NOTE: We did record this in september when we were still in denial of winters existence.

1. Happiness (Morgan Geist Remix)- Jonathan Jeremiah
2. Map Of Africa- Map Of Africa
3. I'm On Fire (Cousin Cole's Bad Desire mix)- Bruce Springsteen
3. Dull To Pause- Junior Boys
4. 24K (Erlend Øye Cover)- Morgan Geist
5. I'll Keep On Loving You- Walter Jones
6. Georgy Porgy- Toto
7. Keep Me In My Plane- Who Made Who
8. Isablla- Woolfy vs. Projections
9. Untitled Love- Still Going
10. Diamonds (Todd Terje dub)- Paul Simon
11. Love The Night Away (TieDye remix)- DJ Kaos
12. Bones(Thomas' way of the Ancients remix)-A Mountain of One
13. Dubby Games- Trentemoeller/Chris Isaac
14. Sunlamp Show (Disco Bloodbath remix)- The Aliens
15. Happiness (Quiet Village remix) - Jonathan Jeremiah

be sure to check the website listed above, as there are several mixes already up from Hatchmatik, Jonah Leslie, Jubilee, and more to come from Teki Latex, Harvard Bass, and other desirables

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