Wednesday, September 29, 2010

EVENING STANDARD 08 with CFCF! (Acephale, RVNG Intl)

CFCF is coming in on the night bus. Do you like the night bus? Do you like to make dance? The sex churn of CFCF’s chopped and screwed R+B will make you glad you got your hair did and stepped out on this night. While his own productions -which feel like a fleetwood mac penned cinema score that met a two step track on a balearic cliff side during the godless time between night and day- will make dance until you can make dance no more.

His latest release on dance beard label RVNG Intl 'THE RIVER' is one of his most beautiful to date, picking up on the same cinematic feel that made his LP debut 'Continents' such a repeat lisetn, repeat listen, repeat listen, repeat listen.
(its backed by killer remixes from Jacques Renault and Coyote)

We've all known each other for quite a bit now, having often played together at a bar in montreal that was recently burned down by a juke box.

So expect a fam-jam reunion sort of night, backed up by CFCF's extensive knowledge of music, and our own blend of disco/house/ /techno and weird pop party jams.

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08 // EVENING STANDARD - CFCF "Cometrue" from Adam Beck on Vimeo.

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