Thursday, April 12, 2012


An standard evening with Cole has the same pulsating beat as driving through a future retro Los Angeles. A robotic Detective Alex Foley staring down at you from a 'Beverly Hills Cop 6' Billboard as you slowly tune out the sound of President JAMES FRANCO on the radio, and ...lazer plug in you bean sized data unit. You look out at that purple skyway, just the hum of the future alloy hover engine powering you and three other butts to the next party - and then its a timeless Cole Medina cut that stirs the speakers to life. Its fancy molasses groove just as ASS COMMANDING now, as it was before the math wars of 2024. His ample sampling of everything from Steely Dan, MJ, and what you think might be something on Prelude make you wonder just how epic the get down was all those years ago.....

ON APRIL 28th come and feel future nostalgia of COLE MEDINA. Let your grand kiddies know, 'I was all up in that!!'


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