Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saurapod at the disco lock in

New release from a ficticous man, on a label named after a ficticous dinosaur.

(thats right, a brontosaurus is actually just an apatasaurus, there was a mix up in skeletons at some point that led to the belief that there was a new species of sauropod, BUT, there aint, and any third grader can tell you that, doye. )

Keeping things in the vein of a more retro styled deep house sound is the Arto Mwambe M.O., and Love Lift is no exception. The synths tread a fine line between fromage and brilliant homage (much like that sentence) , and the vocals are completely over the top and perfect for this production.

The Osborne remix on the flip adds in a killer bassline that adds a warm strut to the original deep sound, definitely my pick of the three versions.

out now on the Brontosaurus Label

you can listen ad finum to both versions on the Myspace

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