Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soul Clap re-heat the Baker Mans Bread

In 1989 Danish duo Laid Back , ( of cocaine equestrienne disco pop fame) penned 'Baker Man'.
With saxophones that sound like fireworks, sunset guitar plucking, and a smooth doughy bassline it's one damn fine piece of easy listening.

I could gush on,

But I think I'd never do the song justice the same way Lars Von Trier's music video did:

I won't attempt to sit here and posture to be some Danish pop archivist. (BTW: A UK 'dance' remix of 'Bakerman' hit number one on the Greenland charts in 1996, just so you know)

Because if it weren't for Boston's exceedingly brilliant Soul Clap digging this track up , cutting, filtering, pasting, and adding some club ready kick to it, my knowledge of laidback would have started and ended with 'Whitehorse'.

This 12" came out on Airdrop last week, and will most likely never leave our sets.

Soul Clap did it again.

you can listen below, on repeat

Baker Man Edit  by  Soul Clap

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