Friday, January 29, 2010

Going 30mph in a warp 7 zone

Kris Menace & KoweSix (moonbootica) have joined together as
Black Van.

Black Van has their debut track out on DFA in two weeks,
'Yearning' has an incredible cinematic feel that puts your right there on that elevated chrome highway. Steady cruising at a fictional speed amongst neon billboards warning you against trusting androids..........which you ignore as you look deep into your android GF's eyes and rip on out of town.

Its hard to listen and not think about victories at sunset, getaways into multicolored night skies, and kisses in outer space.

The Emperor Machine mix on the flip has the churning acid and synths of the action that took place before, complete with lazer effects, and 'password confirmed' noises.

take multiple listens on their Myspace

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