Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'And the cat made a nest out of the wires coiled beneath the Roland''.......

Its seems to be a fine start to 2010 for anyone with a passing interest in synthesizers turned to 'strut', and vocals turned to 'stun' as Tensnake's 'Coma Cat' EP has dug up some a pristine Anthony and the Camp production and reshaped it perfectly for now, ditching the unnerving 'hot tub' vibes of the original and prepping it for 5 months from now when it's actually warm out, and people are ready to enjoy themselves again.

Tensnake-Coma Cat
limited to 15 downloads.

Along similar fe-lines (count it), Tiger & Woods have had their second release on EDITAINMENT , which has them rework an Imagination track into a smooth burning disco dub , that finally roars out with the vocals of the chorus.

Specifically it's a re working of 'Music and Lights' and has been brilliantly titled 'Gin Nation'

here it is, at 192kbps
Tiger & Woods - Gin Nation
limited to 15 downloads.

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