Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 days of giving you things that work

Over the next three days, we'll post tracks (with limited downloads) we loved from this year, and the songs we paired them with so often they became inseparable, like us, in our sorry excuse for a dj partnership/friendship.

Soul Clap takes some Fleetwood Mac, inserts great percussion, vocal delay, and a thunderstorm (actual precipitation and cloud movement) as the break down. One of the best pop edits we came across this year, and it makes everyone get really cozy with each other on the dance floor. Its a good thing

At 320kbps
Limited to 20 downloads:
Soul Clap - Dreams

Follow it up with this track (my favourite of the two Koze mixes), the horns win:

At 320kbps
Limited to 20 downloads:
Who Made Who- Keep Me In My Plane (Dj Koze Remix)

blend it with summer and the end of a great night

If you miss the download limit
both are available on vinyl, the 'who made who' remix can be purchased at any reputable online store of good repute.

The Soul Clap edit can be bought on the Wolf+Lamb site, along with the B-side which is a brilliant edit of the only Chris Isaac song I know,
and love.

More giving to come

happy holidays

paul and adam

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