Thursday, December 17, 2009

Barely Eagle, but it was Christmas

Well as this year winds down, and the lack sharing that we have done on this blog becomes increasingly apparent, its time for us to sweeten you egg nog fueled living room boogie downs with a song we've been loving for a while now.

Not only did Linkwood (family) put out one of the most impressive long players of the year, with SYSTEM
(go check now, this has at least five songs to burn dancefloors with and the rest all have a specific time and place you will use them for)


They also put out a brilliant 10" with House of Traps on Fire Cracker Records.

Barley Eagle

01 Barely Eagle by MEMBERSONLY

They did the wonderful and sampled the only tasteful part of a criminally unrestrained Dennis Parker on his single for Casablanca 'Like an Eagle'

Dennis, aka Wade Nichols was (im almost certain) the ONLY , porn actor/ day time soap actor/ disco star. Ever.

This all builds on top of an very catchy kick, and is preceded by some distorted mumbling about house and disco music.


here its is for Free at 192 .......
but, even if vinyl isn't your preference, you can download it digitally at beatport and juno.

Here is the video for the original, which harnesses the power of rear projection for a stunningly cinematic result.

happy holidays!

paul and adam

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