Wednesday, December 23, 2009

more....for the early evening

continuing in this holiday sharing, heres two pitched down tracks from two incredibly talented producers....

6th Borough Project- Do It To The Max
At 320kbps - limited to 20 downloads

The Revenge (combined here with craig smith to form 6th Borough Project ) composed this brilliant slow chugging groove with a catchy sample about 'Doing It to The Max', and since it landed in our clutches, we've self indulgently opened almost every set we could with it.
The Revenge is to house music, as Paul Atreide was to the world of DUNE.

get that spice

Floating Points- Love Me Like This
At 320kbps- limited to 20 downloads

This is a stunning edit/remix/sampling/whatever of the classic Reel 2 Reel track of the same name.
Apparently, besides creating two of the better tracks this year (this and Vacuum Boogie ), he has a day job splicing cells or molding atoms, or something like that.

The nonsense dub mix is also worth tracking down, no lyrics, but a great piano line.

I slept on this track for a while, but since discovering via a very helpful recommendation of 'Vacuum Boogie', we've had it as perfect company alongside the tracks from The Revenge/ Mark E/ Eddie C that usually make up the entirety of our pitched down moments.

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